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Edward Peterson

Edward Peterson

Omaha, NE - United States

I grew up on an Iowa farm and moved to the city to pursue an IT career, only then it was called Data Processing. I can still remember taking a third grade class picture with my dadís box camera; it took 120 film. Digital photography has allowed me to take advantage of my career and the passion for capturing a moment.

While it takes great talent to paint or sketch a picture, I have always been a fan of photography. Photography has allowed me to see my great great grandfather, my dad in uniform with his unit in WWII, etc. Photography has also taken me to all the continents of the world, to the highest and lowest places on Earth and even below the seas. What a shame there isnít a photo of the Parthenon after its completion.

A photograph can capture a moment in time or a special feeling. It can make you laugh or cry, generate fond memories or put you into that special moment. I have a photo of my grandson with hurt feelings and every time I look at it I can feel his pain. My son grabbed my camera and photographed his daughter and me as we were walking and discussing the merits of a dead cat. Every time I see those photos I am taking the walk and having the discussion again.

I hope that you will find a few photographs in my galleries that will allow you to remember a special moment, to see something you have always wanted to see for yourself, or to generate a warm moment you would like to relive.

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